'Anata-Shu'afat, 'Isawiya (East Jerusalem)

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Shlomith S., Ora A. (reporting)

13:30 Shu'afat

A fairly short line of cars moved slowly towards the checkpoint.  Two lanes were open, and traffic moved without delays.  Crossing time was 15-20 minutes. From time to time buses and other vehicles arrived and the line lengthened but did not come to a standstill. We tried to find out why there's a line today, when there was none last time.  Someone speculated that many preferred to cross at Hizme checkpoint because that's where the settlers cross and crossing is faster. We noticed a large number of women drivers.

When the line of cars shortened, we walked towards the pedestrian crossing.  We discovered that the path to the entrance has been cleaned up and the piles of garbage have disappeared.  We joined the line of pedestrians.  Waiting time was 5 minutes. The people we met were friendly and welcoming.
The crossing was open.  No guards in sight. No police car on the nearby hill.