'Anata-Shu'afat, Isawiya (East Jerusalem)

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Shlomith S., Ora A. (reporting)



12:55 Shu'afat

On arrival we were surprised not to find a long line of vehicles in the area.  A few cars came up to the checkpoint, stopped for a minute, and passed quickly. A bus was stopped, the passengers asked to disembark briefly, then allowed to board and continue on their journey.  Quiet ensued.  From time to time a car appeared, reached the checkpoint, passed quickly and the quiet returned. It was hard to believe that this is the same checkpoint of the last weeks when there was an endless line of waiting cars.  We were unable to figure out the reason for the change -- not from the Palestinians we met, nor from the soldiers.  Someone said that in the morning there had been "an awful line."  We saw a line of pedestrians forming at the entrance to the checkpoint.  There was no line there last week.  We joined those crossing, entered, were checked. and crossed without delay.


Crossing was open and traffic flowed.  A police car stood on the hill.