'Anabta, Eyal, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 23.3.08, Morning

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Neomi K., Sara B-S, Orna P. Translation: Galia S.

Eyal Passage

07:15 – Eyal Passage is deserted. Because of the "closureinfo-icon" there is no traffic at all. [A closure is a blanket restriction of passage regardless of permits]/



07:20 – Soldiers open the rear gate. Humanitarian cases get permission to pass.



07:30 – We ask the checkpoint commander to open the gate, but he says it is impossible to enter before 08:00 because of the military activity in this place.

We come back at 08:10 and again ask to pass. A settler who stands in the line of cars that leave Israel comes and tears the Machsom Watch sign from our vehicle. He cries to the soldier not to let us pass because we are disloyal trouble makers.

08:10 – Two young men are waiting at the Schoolchildren's Gate. They have no permits to get in and work their plots of land.

The traffic is free in all directions. There are no traffic restrictions. We haven't succeeded in finding out why we were stopped at the entrance and what kind of activity was going on there.



 08:20 – The traffic is streaming in all directions. For the first time in quite a while there are no strict checks and long lines at Anabta.