Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 24.3.08, Morning

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Micky F. Snait G.( reporting)

Translation: Snait G.

On the road, way before Marda two army vehicles in a flying CP, as well as soldiers who seemed to be searching for somebody in the olive orchard to the right of the road.

Marda- gate open, Zeita - concrete blocs, Closed gate.

6.20 Za'tara

No segregation .

 No one at the small CP  on the road from Tul Karem. At the central CP few vehicles, being checked very quickly. While we were there another lane was opened. There is a new checkup of loaded vehicles coming into Huwwarra,  in search of raw materials for production of explosives.

The Cp commander is a reservist, who is polite, and makes an effort that the vehicles checkup be both polite and speedy( see at the end too).

6.35 beita

 At the entrance to the Beita road an army car warns not to enter because-

In the last few days a wall about 2 meters high was erected from white building refuse, barring entrance into the village and its market  from the main road( route 60).  A lot of building refuse was also thrown along both sides of the road up to the newly erected wall.

Talking to people in the market, it turned out that the army blocked the road leading directly to Za'tara as well. One can enter or exit the village only via a very narrow road, its width less than one lane of the "roads for Whites only'. This road begins at the main road opposite the two restaurants  and leads to Odala. In the very beginning of the road there are houses on both sides, so that any vehicle facing a lorry has nowhere to go. The road twists and turns in cultivated land and it takes 3-4 times longer to reach Beita
Micky gave people MW cards.

Three army vehicles  were located along the main road of Huwwara.

No Cp at Burin- Yitzhar.

6.50 Beit Furik.

5-6 vehicles waiting to enter Nablus, 1-  to exit. Numerous people walking to enter Nablus. Their passage through the CP  was very fast: from the end of the queue to  its head -5 minutes. Passage of vehicles and their thorough checking was fast as well. While we stayed there  were no breaks in the checking procedure.  One lane for both directions. No detaineesinfo-icon.  The soldiers behaved reasonably.

7.40 Awarta

At any given minute  3-4 vehicles waiting to enter Nablus, 7-9 to exit. No detainees. No back to back loading. No passage of private cars. The checkup is relatively quick, but only one lane for both directions.

8.00 Huwwara

Lots of people entering and exiting. No detainees. The water container functions ok.
The lavatory is in order and looks ok.
There is an Xray machine and a checking dog.  It was used on all vehicles with loads(e.g. vans and lorries) and on buses, both empty or with people, who were asked to wait outside(12-14 minutes). The dog checked the vehicles without  a snout-guard.

Women and older men passed very quickly. 2-3 ordinary lanes were functioning. All men had to take off their belts, some also their shoes( when there was a whistle while they went through the electronic gate)). At any given minute of our stay there were 20-35 people in queue; it took about 15-18 minutes from the end of the queue to  reach the exit.

A group from Italy came to visit Nablus, led by Louisa Morgantini. There arose some worry concerning a woman in the group who forgot her passport and had only her Italian ID. The CP commander promised to take care of that when they come out in the late afternoon. As no one called me, I assume things went smoothly.

9.45 Beit Furik

We went back there to make sure that things were ok. There was no queue of cars on either direction.
Very few people passed through. No detainees.

No CP at Burin-Yitzhar

There were still army vehicles along Huwwara road.

10.15 Za'tara

About 24 vehicles queuing to exit. No vehicles at the new entrance-CP. Three lanes. No cars in the small CP.

38 degrees in the shade, very dusty.