Beit Iba, Tue 11.3.08, Afternoon

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Yael S., Zahava G. (reporting) Translation: Judith G.

16:00 Beit Iba. – Very few vehicles.  About 30 men are crowding on the turnstiles.   Women and men over the age of 45 can go through the humanitarian line.  They also check documents there, mainly of the men.  The new procedures, with electronic waves, take a long of time.  Most of the men are required to also take off their shoes.  Even though, according to the commander, there are no special warnings or alerts, there is an increase in severity in that all of those entering Nablus are also inspected.

Another new thing is the dog which must carefully check certain vehicles.  Those were vehicles in which men were travelling, and they were required to stand for a long time outside of the car until it was thoroughly inspected.  This kind of inspection creates long lines immediately, but they also were finished quickly – until the next thorough inspection.  We didn't find any detaineesinfo-icon when we arrived, nor was anyone detained by the time that we left.