Reihan, Shaked, Sat 29.3.08, Morning

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Rachel C., Noah L. (reporting)
07:30 - 08:00 Shaked Checkpoint

People passing in both directions, in vehicles, on tractors – with no delays. Transit time for pedestrians about ten minutes.
A concrete structure has been added to the soldiers’ position.

08:15 - 09:40 Reihan Checkpoint

Lively traffic in both directions, both of pedestrians and vehicles. People talk of a transit time of half an hour.
We are approached by a woman from Bartaa who is in process of divorce from her husband who lives in Arara, and she is now living with her family in Yaabed. Can we help her in the process? We will be to find out where she can turn for help.. We took her details and will try Adalah.
A man from Kafin, who owns a shop in Bartaa, turns to us because he cannot get a magnetic card since he is blacklisted (security), but he did receive a pass for three months. We passed on his details to the team that deals with the blacklist.
In the centre of the checkpoint, at the roundabout with the large drum, a path, benches and a playground for children have materialised.. We rubbed our eyes in wonderment when a large family occupied the benches and posed for a family photo. Do we have a camerainfo-icon? Unfortunately, no. What’s going on? Their transit passes expired three days ago, but today they have an urgent reason to reach their family in the West Bank, and they are waiting for the matter to be clarified. Meanwhile, photos... In response to our question, the checkpoint workers explain that the installations were designed to serve the public. The reality surpasses all imagination.