Reihan, Shaked, Sun 6.4.08, Morning

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Yocheved G., Hana H. (reporting)
Translation:Yael Bassis-Student
06:00 -Rihan Checkpoint
About 40 people had already gone through and are off in the vehicles on their way to work. There are no lines outside. All appear to smile as they get out but do complain that they had to arrive at the checkpoint about three hours prior to the opening of the gatesinfo-icon, in order to get out  on time.
We are told that among those going through the terminal are some Israeli Arabs.
At the lower car park area there are 11 pickup trucks loaded with goods.

07:05 Shaked Checkpoint
About 30  people wait on the West Bank side of the fence. There is a big commotion today regarding signing up to stand in line.
Passage is swift, average of two minutes per person at the inspection room.
At 7:15  we observe a beginning of traffic going from the seam zone into the West Bank. Taxis with students going to Jenin and schoolchildren going to Tura. The older pupils' begs are inspected, while the younger ones go through without being inspected. Others go through the inspection rooms.
7:30 - we left. On the West Bank side of the fence there are  6 more people who hasn't gone through yet.

7:40 Reihan Checkpoint
4 pickup trucks had entered the inspection closed area and as of now  didn't come out.
By 08:10 no action is observed inside the enclosed area. 10 pickup trucks loaded with goods wait outside.
8:15 Barta'a agriculture checkpoint
The gate opens and the 3 usual tractors cross over to the fields. We are told that farmers and herds now cross over only through the other checkpoint of Kappeen.

8:30 Reihan Checkpoint

The pickup trucks haven't come out of the inspection area and we see no activity over there. The rest of the drivers sit at the parking lot, waiting. Towards 9:00 there is a beginning of loading up goods onto the trucks inside the enclosed inspection area.
We were unable to find out what was the problem.