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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

El Wallaje - Village and Checkpoint

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A checkpoint for vehicles, located on the Green Line, in Nahal Refaim National Park. Staffed by Border Police and private security companies and active 24 hours a day. Palestinians are not allowed to cross, except for residents of East Jerusalem. Preparations are made to move the checkpoint so that The Ein Haniya spring, which has been used by the villagers for generations, will be permanently blocked for Palestinians, as will the the access to the 1,200 dunams of their surrounding agricultural land. Machsomwatch has been in contact with the people of village and reported on their changing situation over the years. (See the link to the reports)

Part of the village is in the municipal territory of Jerusalem  drawn after 1967. In 2009 the village was surrounded by a separation barrier (mostly a wall) and then demolitionx of houses in the Jerusalemite part were carried out due to lack of building permits (but the fact is that no outline plan was prepared for the village, therefore it is impossible to get any permit for construction). In 2018, a petition was submitted to stop the demolitions, and it was agreed that the village, with the help of the organizations "Bimkom" and "Ir Amim" will prepare an outline plan, while the demolitions orders will be freezed. Despite the fact that the approval process  is underway and soon to be discussed in court,  a decision was approved in August 2023  to demolish 6 houses immediatly . Protest actions by inhabitants and various organizations, including Machsomwatch are now taking place to cancel this decree. 

updated to August 2023