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Oranit checkpoint

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Oranit Checkpoint (4) (formerly 1474)
An agricultural checkpoint in the separation wall serves the farmers of 'Azzun' Atma, whose land is in the seam zone near Oranit. Since the construction of the new wall in 2013. Was opened 3 times a day. Since 2018, the army has refused to open it except during the olive harvest. Since 2018, it has been opened only during the olive harvest and the farmers have to pass daily at the Beit Amin / Abu Salman checkpoint (1447).

Fein Report from March 24, 2021: "The farmers from Beit Amin and Azzun Atma are happy that since last month the checkpoint has been open 3 times a day, at 6 in the morning, at 1 in the afternoon and at 4 in the afternoon. The farmers are really developing the place. "


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