Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Roni S., Yael Y. (new), Leah R. (reporting). Marcia L., Translation


Three days’ work lost.


06:40 - Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint, Seamline Zone Side

The upper parking lot is full of workers who are waiting for a ride to work. Some of them say that they are not working today because of rain.  In the sleeveinfo-icon, we met A., smiling from ear to ear, greeting us with baklava.  “Everything is OK”, he says. 


08:00 - We pass through the turnstile on the Palestinian Side

A group of young men asks to speak with us. Yesterday they were sent to the District Coordination Office (DCO); it wasn’t clear to them for what. One of them showed his permit, only two days old.  At the DCO, “the window was closed.”  They returned the way they came.  Today it was the same story, they sent them to the DCO.  This time they were equipped with a note of referral.  Later, from home, I called one of them to find out what happened.  The DCO told them to return tomorrow because there was no electricity(?).


Three days of work are lost: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Update:  I called the DCO again to find out what is happening. The female soldier said that yes, there was no electricity because of the rain and the computers did not work.  She said that the young men can come today, until 15:00.  I phoned one of them and he said they would go immediately.


Update: The young men traveled to the DCO, reported there and waited. The person responsible told them how to call him.  They called and he told them to wait.  At 15:00, they told them to go home and come tomorrow.  An update will follow.


Update on the next day,14.4.2016.  Today is the third visit to Salaam. According to one of the men, they stand there like dogs, no one wants to speak with them, and in the end, they tell them to go home. Three days’ forced “vacation”.


Update as of Tuesday, 19.4.2016:  Leah called to find out what happened with the permit of the young man.  Today he said that there was nothing new; he hopes that his employer will try to help.  I told him, “You rest . . .“ and he answered jokingly, “My wife cares for me; she always has work for me . . . “


08:30 Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

A nervous young man was not permitted to pass to the West Bank with his car, despite the fact that according to him, he passes through every day.  We understood that the car was obviously not registered with a permit.  His brother came to take the car back to the Seamline Zone.  At a later hour, only individuals passed through.