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Hana Aviram (reporting), Maya BH (translation)

The inhabitants of Arab A-Ramadin want to take feed for their sheep via the CP. They coordinate it with the DCO.  But one villager told us that when they come to the CP with their straw, the soldiers deny them passage, citing their lack of permits, in spite of the advance coordination.

07:27  A driver asked to pass to Habla.  The soldier signaled that the gate was closed.  We told the soldier that closing time is 07:30, but the soldier said it is 07:15. The driver, the mayor of Habla, said he possesses an official letter stating the closing time as 07:30, and has made such a public announcement to his villagers.  Another soldier looked at the mayor's papers, and said:  "You can pass through 109."  His face said it all. At this time, 5 people were still being checked, and the CP closed only after the check was completed.  The mayor had to go back.

The CP was open to permit holders between06:10 and 07:30.