'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 3.4.08, Morning

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Nina S. Shoshana Z. Natanya translating.


A quiet shift with no lanes of cars or pedestrians at Ar-Ras and
the Children's gate. We were too late to see the children going through
to school. A taxi which wanted to bring people through the latter was
not allowed through and the passenger had to continue on foot to
Jubara. At Anabta the passage was swift and a taxi was checked in 8
minutes and also a truck in three. This causes a bit of a line to form
but this soon evaporated because of the swift passage in all

the shift changed and now appeared the "lord of all he surveys". A
taxi comes slowly forward from the line towards the soldier. But he had
not signalled for him to come forward and he is sent back to the well
known line and only after another signal is he allowed to go through
without being checked. The main thing is that he should know who calls
the tune. Then the solider took out his cocoa and sucked it up while
motioning another car forwards.


Quiet and no lines. A young man is questioned in a way
which seems meant to harass him and his documents of which he has two
are turned over and over for a few minutes before he is allowed on his
way. An Israeli car without a special permit is sent back.