Hizma, Qalandiya

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Vivi Tsuri, Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Charles K.

To see a demolished home is to see the destruction of a life.


In a big joint operation large contingents of the IDF, the Civil Administrationinfo-icon and the Border Police demolished the family home of Hasin Muhammad Hasin Abu-Gosh in the Qalandiya refugee camp.


Hasin Muhammad Hasin Abu-Ghosh, 17 years old, who carried out the stabbing attack in the settlement of Beit Horon in January in which Shlomit Krigman was murdered, didn’t survive.  He joined a long list of martyrs from the refugee camp.


On the night of April 20, the home on the third floor of the apartment building deep inside the refugee camp was demolished.


The destruction of the home by the soldiers took more than three hours.


During that time the neighbors below, and their children, and the neighbors above, and their children, as well as those in the adjoining buildings, and their children, heard the hammers pounding, the collapse of the interior walls, the noise of the breaking sanitary facilities and the cries and footsteps of the destroyers, the breakers and the shatterers.


When the sun rose the apartment building still stood, while many mouths gaped in a silent scream from the orphaned apartment on the third floor.



Nine people lived there, parents, four daughters and three sons.


According to the colors of the interior walls, you can guess where the girls slept.


And the boys.



The rooms of the apartment that were emptied of life are also empty of their contents and the walls are empty of pictures.


The pictures were replaced by sprayed black texts and arrows that looked like codes of the operation’s planners.