Beit Iba, Tue 1.4.08, Afternoon

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Yehudit K., Dalia F., Bruria R.

Trans. Judith Green
There are two lines, one humanitarian.  Those waiting fill up about one quarter of the shed.  Reserve soldiers are manning the checkpoint and they attempt to work efficiently;  when the lines increases, they conscript more manpower for the inspection, also for the vehicles.  This time, they checked those entering Nablus as well, no one knows why.
A number of remarks we heard from passers-by:  a man who left the checkpoint with his belt still in his hands:  "this is no way to make peace."  A man who introduced himself as a professor of psychiatry who lives in England:  "What is going on here?  This is shameful!  Some day this will all blow up!"  A man who saw the dog trainer getting on a bus full of children:  "Is this how they make peace?  Getting on a bus with a dog in front of children who are shaking with fear?"  A woman who burst out crying bitterly as she left the checkpoint, answered Nadim's question as to why she was crying:  "Because of seeing all that goes on here.",