'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 21.4.08, Morning

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Frances T. Osnat R. Translator: Orna B.

Jubara - A-ras
At the village there are pupils on their way, waiting for their transportation.
At the Children's Gate a few workers are waiting to enter Jubara.
A Palestinian vehicle reaches Jubara via the system road, from the absurd sights of the seamline.
At Ar-ras there are no queues.
07:07 A bus loaded with children goes through; hardly any inspections, neither at the Children's Gate nor at Ar-ras.
07:35 Anabta
No queues; hardly any inspections.
09:40 Azzun
Blocked. We saw a movement of departing cars via the western entrance.
09:50 Qalqiliya
About 15 vehicles at the exit. Hardly any inspections. The queue
is caused mainly by the behaviour of the inspecting soldier, who
constantly turns his head away so that he does not see the queue at
all. Occasionally he signals lazily to a vehicle to advance. He barely
asks a question and waits awhile between vehicles. To our comments he
replied:" I can't take these enquiries in the morning". In the end I
decided to film the situation, and at least the filming caused a
movement- the checkpoint commander approached us and then an officer
who seemed to have been resting in the booth. Of course we were
forbidden "to film the soldiers", and they explained to us how hard it
was for the soldiers to stand in the heat for 8 hours. But at least
they approached the inspecting soldier and while we were there he
behaved properly, and in no time at all there was no queue.

10:30 They stop a cab, they take the papers of
some youths for inspection, and 2 minutes later they release them The
scenario repeats itself with another cab a few minutes later.