'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 2.4.08, Afternoon

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Sarah P., Tammi C.,Translator: Orna B.

14:20 We passed through Azzun
which is surrounded by a huge wall and by piles of earth and rubbish.
Earlier we checked again the approach to Azzun via Isbit Tabib, and
found that the way is blocked with piles of earth and other obstacles,
i.e. cars cannot pass.
14:35 In Shvut Ami there is
quite a commotion. They are filming how the army is evacuating the
place. It is a suitable picture for Condoleeza. It is an entirely
temporary matter. It would be interesting to know  who the director is.
16:10 Anabta
A few cars are awaiting at the entrance to Tulkarm, with no
inspection. Few others are waiting to leave the town  - fast inspection
and no delays. Ten minutes later we carry on our way to Jubara and
16:40 Passing through Jubara, travelling to A-ras via the Children's Gate 753.
At the Children's Gate a few illegals are awaiting but they are released immediately.
A-ras - long queues at the entrance to and the exit from Tulkarm.
We approached the checkpoint commander and asked what was going
on. He explained that there had been an incident, thus the long queues.
We asked him to explain what incident had taken place, and the first
answer was that a driver had been 'cheeky'. We asked him to move the
cheeky driver to one side, to enable the traffic to flow, and he
accepted our request. Traffic began to move and then a woman arrived
and told us that in the 'cheeky cab' there was a sick woman. We asked
the commander if he knew about this and he admitted that he did know of
it. He advised that the sick woman be moved to another cab. I commented
that she would have to pay again but he replied that that was not his
concern. He explained that the Palesinians chose to be there and that
they knew the rules. We tried to understand how the driver had actually
offended, and the commander explained that the driver had tried to run
over a soldier. Well this was too much. We asked the commander how does
he see a cheeky driver overcoming three armed soldiers plus one in
observation above the checkpost with his weapon loaded and pointed.
He could not answer convincingly. Meanwhile Sarah gave him a lesson in
History and Geography, and I approached his superior officer who
promised to check the situation. Within minutes the cab left on its
way. End of incident...
17:00 We too left for home.