'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 28.4.08, Morning

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Osnat S. Ronnie R.

Ras Atira

A driver waiting for passengers says the checkpoint opened at
6.30am. We saw the first workers coming through at 6.50. There is a
small encampment of Bedouin just outside the fence surrounding the
village and we saw three small children in school uniform passing
between the sheep and climbing the  path leading to the gate at the
entrance of the village where they waited for the soldiers outside the
gate to call them to the notice of the soldiers in the village who
motioned them to pass. This is the routine of  the day in the shadow
of the soldiers and their guns.

The gate of Bnei Eliayu.

Few cars entering Israel and only about 20
workers who say the checkpoint opens at 5.30. Takes about 5 minutes for
each worker and so in the early morning there is a wait of an hour and
the conditions at the Tahaniem gate are uncomfortable. The people work
at Alfei Menashe or at agriculture in the envelope zone. At Qalqiliya
there is swift passage in both directions.  Only Israeli drivers are
checked to make sure they have a permit.

Izbit Tabib and Azzun

The entrance of Izbit Tabib is blocked with rocks
but pedestrians can go through. This is also supposed to be the
entrance to Azzun as the main entrance has been blocked for some time
and the name does not appear in the list of checkpoints which are to be
removed. If one wants to get to Nablus or Qalqiliya once has to walk
and climb over the dirt and stone barriers and then to take a taxi on
road 55.

10.05  Anabta.

 The passage in both directions is open.
Sometimes drivers are spoken to and they stop automatically to wait for
the hand to motion them on. 2 coffee vendors keep their distance from
one another. Our friend Jamal, a taxi driver from Beit Lid who is
marrying his daughter soon says that this week she will graduate from
the university.


The soldier recognizes us as Machsomwatch women and goes to
fetch the key without being asked to do so.  We wave to Abu Chatem who
is drinking coffee with his friends. When we come back the soldier asks
us to explain to him who we are and what we do and we comply gladly.

Gate 753. Soldiers check the IDs of illegal workers returning from Israel.


Swift passage. The soldiers are polite and and greet drivers from
Jubara by names. They want to speak to us and are sorry when we leave.

11.00 We go home.