Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Tue 12.2.08, Morning

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Michal T, Hagit B (reporting)

06:45 - 11:00
06:50 Meitar Crossing (Sansana)
Workers still crossing, not many, but passing. Some of the harvest labourers retracing their footsteps because their employers said that rain is falling in the area of Netivot, so there will be no fruit picking in the orchards today. One worker turns back with hammers – transfer of tools is prohibited. When will they build the lockers that Shlomi promised?
Only one sleeveinfo-icon working and that explains the delays. One of the men responsible for the checkpoint says that the reason is a crashed computer. That’s why they have to lose a day’s work? When they saw us, they began to pass people through faster. One of the Transit drivers on the Palestinian side tells us that less and less workers are crossing via Sansana – because fewer people are getting work permits. The difficult days to cross are Sundays and Thursdays.
Following the terror strike in Dimona, they have raised an earthwork on Route 3255, which leads from Dahariya to Sansana Checkpoint. Simply a block on the road.. We can’t continue in order to see if they have also renewed Ramadin Checkpoint. A., our driver, will check with his sources whether there is a checkpoint. In any event the workers coming from Dahariya travel on side roads, or have to go to Dura - Al Fawwar Junction and get there on Route 60 which is an apartheid road. It’s a kind of Catch 22 – or they give more permits for Palestinian taxis to travel on this section of Route 60. It is beyond our understanding why military men who given permits to work in Israel think that run around and humiliation will give security to the residents of the Negev and the State of Israel in general?
Route 60
Rain, fog and the almonds are blooming. All the roadblocks are in place, all the pillboxes are manned and there are few pedestrians.
At Shiyukh - Hebron, a military jeep; the soldiers do not get out.
Sheep Junction – the taxi drivers don’t tell us anything special. We left phone numbers in case there will be problems.
Route 35
By the humanitarian checkpoint stands a Border Police jeep – they also don’t get out...
Halhul - Hebron Bridge – traffic is flowing. In the tunnel under Beit Kahil, a congregation of taxis – a road accident, no army.
Idhna - Tarqumiya – traffic flowing, all pillboxes manned – all blocks in place.
09:00 – two buses with prisoners’ families still waiting for inspection before continuing on their way to Ketziot Prison. Four buses have already departed to Hasharon Prison. Place is waterlogged and it is rainy and cold. The buses are parked right in front of the sleeve, with babies and small children who have been waiting with their mothers more than two hours. The families pass only after transit of workers is complete, and today that only ended at 07:30. All that (according to platoon commander R.), because the brigade commander does not allow check of workers other than in the pink hut. They are not prepared to add another inspection hut because the checkpoint is about to be closed, but nobody knows exactly when. One hut is not enough to transfer 4000 workers in the morning, and everyone waits a long time.
The Crossings Unit in the Defense Ministry and the IDF – after all you do read our reports! Please improve! At least two more sleeves are needed at Sansana, and another checking station at Tarqumiya, and as quickly as possible!! Such conditions as these do not add tio the security of Israel. They do add great shame!!!
Heavy rain and very few people, even less than usual, circulating in the deserted streets.
The Pharmacy Checkpoint – we watch the passage of the children – today they are not poking in the kids’ satchels.
The soldiers are hiding in the built emplacements and jeeps standing at each corner.
In Tel Rumeida, at Tarpat Checkpoint, Tomb of the Patriarchs Checkpoint, the Disputed House – no detaineesinfo-icon.
In Bassam’s grocery the children tell us that after we talked last week with the soldier who stops them every time, he has no longer stopped anyone. The soldiers only stand by the bus stop under the Disputed House between 07:00 and 08:00.  [L]