Beit Iba, Mon 12.5.08, Morning

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Esther R., Nina S. (reporting)Translator: Charles K.

Beit Iba

We're told about long lines at Anabta, and we're asked to go there. People are
passing through the checkpoint quickly, and there aren't any lines. The
deputy checkpoint commander comes over to us and asks that we move back, away
from the checkpoint area. We insist on staying where we are. He
tells us that yesterday our colleagues insisted, and the police came. We
told him to call the police, and explained that, to the best of our knowledge,
we're allowed to stand in a location from which we can see the exit point and
the detaineesinfo-icon' area.


He left us
but a few minutes later the checkpoint commander appeared with the same request.
After a brief discussion/argument, during which he said that he has to keep us
safe (I wonder what he would have done if the Women in Blue and White had
attacked us?), he gave in.


One detainee
- a taxi driver who came too close, according to the soldiers, even though they
had warned him a number of times. He'd been detained for about half an
hour, and hadn't been released by the time we left, but the soldiers
(reservists) treated him reasonably, and it appeared to us that he'll be released


We were told
in a few places that entry to Israel
isn't allowed. At Beit Iba we asked the DCO and the humanitarian
checkpoint and were told that the closureinfo-icon will continue until Wednesday.

We left at