Hamra, Tayasir, Fri 25.4.08, Morning

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Annina and Yehudit
Translation: Devorah K.
0730 Tyasir
Reservists are manning the CP. Two of them run up to receive us and the CP is shut in all directions. From the direction of Tyasir, there are six trucks and cars.
"There has been an incursion, the CP is closed. A truck broke into the CP just before ours; there has been a general closureinfo-icon for half an hour". That is what we are told. After about 10 minutes, an officer, a lieutenant, approaches us and warns us not to come any closer.
0750 The CP is opened and they begin to let all the people and the cars go through. In the meantime, some cars going toward Tyasir come to the CP.
We asked about the truck -- where exactly was it captured? Where is it now? Of course, we did not get any answers.
0800 All the people have gone through and we went on to Hamra.

0830 Hamra
A large group of fellows from Nablus are standing and waiting for one of their group who is detained. They ask for our help in trying to get him out. They are on their way to the Dead Sea in a hired bus for a day of pleasure. In a conversation with the CP commander, it turns out that the fellow was caught as an illegal sojourner in Tel Aviv and he received a warning that was saved on the computer. When he arrived at the CP, his name "came up" on the computer and he is detained until they get some instructions from the brigade about what to do about him. The fellow asks his friends to go on without him, but they are obstinately waiting for him. One of the fellows tells us that he works in Tel Aviv, in a restaurant. His mother, a resident of Jerusalem, has an Israeli ID card; his father is from Nablus. The truth is that the detainee was in Tel Aviv with him and was caught. In the meantime, all the cars from both directions go through, without any delays.
0900 We left  - the fellow was still detained, and all his friends were waiting for him.