Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Jit, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 24.4.08, Afternoon

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Elisheva A. Yehduiet L.

Natanya translating.


14.17, A little way after Zawiya next to the tent of the soldiers who are waiting for the workers returning from Israel. On the right side of the road two soldiers are checking two workers who have come back evidently from Israel.
The entrance to Marda is open and Zeita is closed with cemnt blocks and an iron gate.
The checkpoint at Za'tara (Tapuach) has few cars in either direction and a bus waits at the parking lot. A police van is next to the hitching past.

Yitzhar-Burin is also empty.

14.45 The checkpoint of Huwwara.
 In the isolation is a young man who tried to leave Nablus by the turnstile entering. We get his name and ID but cannot speak to him and the commander says that he can be detained for 4 hours but he will only keep him for three. Later his brother arrives. They are both from Tulkarm and their sister is in hospital in Ramallah so they had tried to pass through but had been caught and punished. We spoke to A. at the centre and asked her to try to have him freed.

There were 3 checking post with an x-ray device for the younger people who try to put on their belts as they go through without being chased away. There is a humanitarian line and much movement including students going home.   Cars entering are checked quickly. The representatives of the Ecumencial church tell us that 4 buses with children and 10 other cars are waiting from the direction of Nablus. Elisheva said it took about 20 minutes and the first bus went through quickly. Both the commander and the DCO representative were considerate towards the buses with children but this did not really help as cars overtook them and so this did not help the other buses.

Elisheva was standing in the sun so as to see the progress of the buses and arrived back very dehydrated and had to sit in the shade to rest. There is no seating there and she sat on the ground and people brought her water.

T. of the DCO and the commander tried to solve some humanitarian problems. A man who had forgotten his ID was allowed to pass after his number had been ascertained and so he would have to try to pass other checkpoints.  A woman whose ID had been given by mistake to someone else received a written announcement from the commander  so as to pass other checkpoints and she was asked to come on Saturday in the hope that it would be returned.  A radio which had been put together by a student and taken from him and T. said he would personally see that it was returned to him. N. finds a driver who knows that student and sends him a message to come and get his properly.
Two "delinquent" drivers who has been on the apartheid road were waiting for their IDs. The commander is considerate and shortens their punishment to two hours. When we remind the commander that the man in the isolation should be given water he says he will be freed in the 10 minutes.

16.25 Beit Furik. No pressure.
2 Hummers at Yitamar.
Burin/Yizhar is empty.
Jit …no checkpoint.

17.13 The pink house… men with kipot in the yard and a bus on the main road not far from there.

17.25 Azzun  the entrance is blocked with dust heaps and barbed wire and at the exit from Azzun in the direction of Izbet Tabib we see the blockage.