Reihan, Shaked, Wed 14.5.08, Morning

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Vivian and Nava (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

0800   Shaked - Tura CP
Except for two people who went through from the West Bank to the seamline zone, there is no pedestrian traffic because of the closureinfo-icon. The reasons: The Presidents' Conference and Bush's visit to Jerusalem.

08:30   Reihan Barta'a
Three pickup trucks are inspected in the vehicle CP. Two passenger cars are waiting to enter, going from the seamline zone to the West Bank. In the parking lot a few drivers are waiting for passengers.

09:15 A police car has brought about thirty illegal sojourners who were caught in the region. As usual, a garbage truck went through from the seamline zone to the West Bank and came back empty in twenty minutes. (I wanted to mention again that there is a new sign announcing the settling of Shaked.) The continuum of closures since Passover, The Day of the Shoah, Independence Day and the visits of VIPs in Jerusalem has a disastrous effect on the Palestinians' livelihood.

10:10 We left.
At Barta'a we met a local resident who asked us to notify all of you that his wife who suffers from heart trouble, brought a letter from a doctor to the effect that she cannot go through the new x-ray machine at the Rihuf CP, but the security guards refused to inspect her in any other way.