South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 19.5.08, Morning

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Zeev R and Raaya Y (Reporting)

Due to a mechanical failure we have decided not to enter Hebron
Tarqumiya CP
A number of merchants pass, their entrance is dealt with efficiencies and rapidness. There aren't any people at the entrance to Tarqumiya. The vendor at the kiosk there, says all is fine other than that.

Route 35

The road is clear from cars and men.
Humanitarian Checkpoint - Closed.
Halhul-Hebron Bridge - There is a very thin movement of people

Route 60
The movement is very light- two cars and our transit.
Sheep Junction -at the industry area of south hebron - is open.
The women who have crossed route 60 from Shayouch towards the Girl school in Hebron told us that every day the soldiers are present in different hours of the day and that it is quiet now and there are no problems.

Silence is the best character for our tour today.