'Anata, Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, Thu 5.6.08, Morning

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Yael, J., Mili M. (reporting)

In general: A quiet morning., PLEASE NOTE: THE IRON GATE AT

6.30 Anata
: The usual heavy traffic of children
pedestrians and vehicles. Everything flows with no problems.

7.00 A-Ram: No pedestrians in their lane. A very
short line of cars. The iron gate was closed and we had to turn back and go to
Qalandia through Hizme.

7.35 Qalandiya: the external turnstiles are open
all the time 3-4 exists function, short lines. No soldier or guard in
sight. On hear breaking
episode: A small boy (may be 10 years ols stand in line with a lunch bag., try
to sneak thorugh the exit is summoned back and asked for his Kushan. He deos not
have any, seemed to have anticipated it and goes back with sad easy not looking
right and left. Who sent him there?