Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 23.4.08, Morning

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Ora A, Yoska M, Rahel M, Drora P (reporting)

It was Passover and the West Bank was under complete closureinfo-icon.


Rachel Checkpoint: Few cars were at the entrance and most of those waiting in line were church and monasteries employees and teachers.

One post was enough; it was very quiet and tranquil, as though this was a time of peace.  

El Nashnash: In contrast to our previous shifts there was much traffic on both sides.  

Nabi Unis: A Palestinian with a Jordanian passport came to us, he said that this passport enables him to pass to Jordan and that he didn't need any other permits. It turned out that he arrived at the border and was told that he is denied passage by the GSS and so he couldn't pass. 

DCL Ezyon: Few people arrived and they were all summoned by the GSS.