'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Thu 22.5.08, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Nina S (reporter) Translator: Orna B

07:00 A-ras
A bus load of pupils arrive in the direction of Jubara. There is a
change of shifts for the soldiers. Two cars are waiting and then
released when the change of shifts is over. A cab arrives. Its
passengers are made to get off and are sent aside to await inspection
and papers' verification. Within minutes they are let through.
Meanwhile other cars go through.
A very old pedestrian arrives, leaning on a cane arrives. He wants
to enter Jubara. But he is not a resident and therefore, despite
attempts of persuasion by a lady from the Ecumenical Society, he is not
permitted to go through. He limps to the other side and waits for a cab
to take him away.
08:00 Anabta
There are no cars in the queue. Those who arrive go through
quickly. We get the impression that less cars are going through. The
cab drivers confirm that this is the case - the economic situation is
so bad and people cannot get out.
10:45 Qalqiliya
There is a queue at the entrance but it melts away rapidly and
there is no queue at the exit. A quick passage with a random
inspection of cars.