Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 19.5.08, Morning

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Osnat R., Francis T., Daphne B., Roni S. (reporting) Translator: Judith G. )

 9:00 – Jit Junction is open.

9:15  - Beit Iba
Very few cars, both at the entrance and at the exit.  The taxi drivers confirm that the opening of the two checkpoints to the north of Nablus has further decreased the number of those passing through Beit Iba.  They said that they had read in the paper that a checkpoint would be opened on highway #60, passing next to Shavey Shomron.

 No dogs;  the porters for the trucks go through quickly. We stand wherever we want, watch the vehicles go through in both directions without any interference.  At the pedestrian checkpoint, the line into Nablus moves quickly.  At the exit, there is a little more pressure and there is still anger about the belts and shoes.  Both at the entrance and the exit they check documents against a list;  also of women.  Very few soldiers today, we stand wherever it is good for us and they even offer us cold drinks.


No detaineesinfo-icon the whole shift.  A reserve soldier starts a conversation with us and tries to understand our position.  The blond commander tries to prevent him from talking with us but, in the end, even he listens to the discussion.  The reserve soldier says, at the end of the conversation, that he values what we are trying to do, but doesn't really think we can succeed.


10:15 – We leave for the Tulkarm check point.