Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 2.6.08, Morning

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Francis T. Ronnie S.

Natanya translating.
7.20 Crossroads of Jit are open. At Beit Iba little movement of people or cars. The checkpoint of Al Beidan and checkpoint 17 are open and some of the traffic passes there and of course there are still no students. The taxi drivers ask again about the checkpoint at Shave Shomron. The porters are working as usual and there are no special checks or harrassment. There is no dog trainer. 4 cars wait at the exit of Nablus while the IDs are checked in the computer  and the commander sends them through, At the entrance cars stop and the soldier looks in and sends them on. No line forms.

8.00 Pedestrian line.  No detaineesinfo-icon while we are there. Those entering the city are checked and there is only one line. T. of the DCo  says that they are trying to change this but each time something happens and the situation returns to what it was.  When we intervene a soldier is sent to free the women. At the exit there is less squeaking probably because the Palestinians have learned to take out anything which causes this but the main reason is that the squeaking for shoes has been stopped. In general the checkpoint is well run and quietly and even the military police do not raise their voices.

9.00 We go to Anabta