Beit Iba, Mon 19.5.08, Afternoon

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Natanya translating. Bilha A., Yonah A
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
Biet Iba, 19.5.2008, Monday afternoon


  Beit Iba
 On our way from the parking lot some young Palestinians spoke to us of their own initiative of their longing for the time when they could go into Israel freely. Each spoke and expressed their feelings of frustration and despair.  They blamed both sides. The young men put on their belts after the inspection and the x-ray machine squeaks. There are few pedestrians in either direction. The long line is that of the humanitarian where the old,
women and children and people like doctors, judges and teachers pass

The commander, captain M. asks us if we tell our groups where they can stand and where it is forbidden and that they should not bother the soldiers. We  explain to him that we have no intention of bothering them and that we have come to see what is happening and will stand in places where we can do so and report. After a short conversation M. decides to leave us and get back to work.

Those entering Nablus are checked and there is now a red line some meters in front of the checking area and everyone who arrives has to stand there until he is given a sign to move forward. Each ID is checked against the list of numbers which hangs on a glass window.  Each parcel and bag is carefully looked through. Even if there is not line the man sends a man back to the red line until he should call him.

The commander, sergeant M. who beforehand had run to send us off from the checkpoint takes a Palestinian
though who is not in line but is not feeling well and has asked to pass. In the meantime another soldier chases away a Palestinian who has stopped to dress in the shed. He pushes him and shouts "Yallah, yallah, Get away, outside"

 16.00 There are few cars in the car lane and the porters are busy taking parcels across.
At Shvut Ami there are handwritten signs about their love of the land. We see no movement there. On the way to Azzun we find dirt mounds  and a barbed wire fence but no army presence.

At the crossroads leading to Zofim and Qalqiliya there is now a big parking lot  where there are cars parked. At the entrance to Qalqiliay are no people or cars.