Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Thu 12.6.08, Morning

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Ophra B.P, Yael Z. (reports English)


Maitar-Sansana CP
No workers were seen behind the gate, few cars brought people who were quickly checked and passed. A bus of prisoners' families was waiting to be checked, 3 more buses arrived later. The Red Cross representative told us in good Hebrew about a woman who took the wrong bus and arrived to Maitar instead of Tarqumiya. We decieded to give her a lift.
On our way back to Beer Sheva, the buses to the prisons were no long there.

Road No. 60
Military vehicles doors open and soldiers inside were seen on the junctions of: Dura-Al-Fawar, Shuyuch, Halhul bridge and Idna. All but one side roads were still closed by cement blocks and boulders, in spite the promises to release the blockades.

Tarqumiya CP

The "back to back" parking lot was full of trucks before and after checking. 2 buses of families were being checked, we found the one going to Ramla prison and brought  the woman to the checking point.
On the way back all the army vehicles were still waiting near the junctions as before.

The town seemed quite and almost deserted ; as there is no school, there weren’t any international inspectors nor any children passing the CP. The Pharmacy CP and Tarpat CP were both empty, the soldiers seemed bored and so were the soldiers along the Shuhada road all the way to the market.
Tel Rumaida – We were stopped by a Border Police soldier and our identity cards were carefully checked. We got them back only after the police assured the man that we have no criminal record.

Road No. 335
Beni Naim crossing
– open
The road was empty all the way to Maitar.