Reihan, Wed 18.6.08, Morning

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Hedva, Nava

10:15 Reihan Checkpoint
Two cars being checked in the direction of the West Bank. The drivers wait on a bench. The inspection appears to be long.

In the Palestinian parking lot, six commercial vehicles wait for inspection of their cargoes. In the closed compound, four vehicles are being checked and another four are waiting outside. Many people passing through the terminal. Transit seems to be brisk.

A police jeep arrives at the Palestinian parking lot. The policeman goes over to one of the private cars and announces to rthe driver that his vehicle has forged number plates (which once belonged to a taxi) and he must come to the jeep for clarification. The driver remains calm. Says that he bought the car with his own money, but has not yet succeeded in transferring the documents at the Palestinian Authority. He received a summons to court and a requirement to put up 500 shekels guarantee until he comes to court. This whole investigation lasted more than an hour. We did not leave till it was all over, because there was some uncertainty about the continued handling of the affair.

12:00 – we left.