Jalama, Thu 19.6.08, Morning

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Leah H., Sima S. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

05:30 - Jalama checkpoint
The gate is already open and we wait for people to go through. One worker arrives; he comes here daily. According to him only 3 out of the 16 inspection booths are open for business and on the other side there are about 700 men and women awaiting passage. He left home at 02:00 so that he'll be among the first ones to cross over. He requests that the checkpoint would open even earlier than 05:00, he works in Tel Aviv and his manager is angry with him for being late at work.

The women 
ask to be separated from the line of men; due to the large number of people in the line the pressure is high and men push them and aggression and quarrels are prevalent.
There is no bench on the way out and the drinking facility at the end of the sleeveinfo-icon offers only lukewarm water.
There are also a few women who cross over to work in Palestine and one of them wants a separate line for those coming home from work. According to her they are ordered to stand in the same line as Israeli-Arabs who go through without permits and the line is too long, there should be a separation between vacationers returning home and workers on their way home after a long, hard day at work, that would continue when they're home.

More people who come out say that today passage is swift but we'd better come on Sunday when there are many more people, and if someone is taken into the 
 inspection room, the waiting in the line is even greater and so is the lateness for work.

- All people who came in the early morning hours have gone through. Leah and I talk with L., who works as the operational manger at the checkpoint. He is courteous and listens willingly. According to him, starting on August, the "Jalama Passage" would be open 24 hours a day and he'll look into the other Palestinians complaints.

06:50 -
We leave the checkpoint with a father who's taking his son for treatment at the Rambam hospital. On the way out trucks enter the passage. The gate is still closed (it opens at 07:00) the plaza is full of empty and loaded trucks, awaiting loading and unloading.

Good morning Israel and Palestine.