Ar-Ram, Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Rafat (Bir Nabala), Tue 24.6.08, Afternoon

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Rutie &Hana


16:10 A-Ram Checkpoint

Fortified and empty

16:35 Qalandiya North Parking Lot

Pedestrian crossing – almost deserted. A sense of a prison. They have heightened the fences with gleaming coils.

6:38 – vehicle crossing. A Palestinian ambulance arrives from the direction of Ramallah, and within three minutes passes to the parking lot on the Israeli side, where an ambulance from East Jerusalem is already waiting. Somebody is transferred, and a woman accompanies. The whole process, from arrival at the checkpoint to departure, takes 12 minutes.

17:12 Rafat Checkpoint
(pic on the right)
Few cars. Random checks. The lane for vehicles in the direction of Ramallah, the road is blocked over the whole width with rocks. Driving is possible only on the unpaved verges. Purpose of the block, to quote the checkpoint commander (Border Police): "So that a terrorist won’t come, travelling fast and spraying the soldiers on the checkpoint."

(Ruthi and I opted not to expand commentary on that explanation.)

17:50 Qalandiya Checkpoint

A lot of cars at the vehicle checkpoint, waiting in the direction of Israel.

17:55 Jaba Checkpoint

Infrastructure work to make permanent the checkpoint (on the road from Ramallah to Qalandiya North Checkpoint) are proceeding energetically.

Did somebody talk of removing checkpoints?