Reihan, Shaked, Tue 10.6.08, Morning

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Tami S., Hassida S. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

Shaked CP   07:24
About 20 people and a few cars are waiting on the Tura (West Bank) side. Workers who have already gone through to the seamline zone and a few cars are waiting on the other side. There is a new unit of soldiers and the procedures are somewhat different: The vehicles are parked outside while the driver walks up to the soldiers and shows his ID; and after that he goes back to the vehicle and drives it up for inspection. In addition, there is another soldier who stands in the concrete hut on the other side of the passage and has his rifle drawn on the people going through. The pupils and the students are already on vacation, and do not come to the gate.

Reihan CP 08:25
In the upper parking lot there are many vehicles, still waiting for people to go through. The two restroom cells, with a picture of a woman on one of them, are open. They are fairly clean and there is even toilet paper. The third cell is still locked.
In the lower parking lot, ten vehicles loaded with goods (vegetables and sheep) are waiting. It appears that the five vehicles that have entered at seven are still being inspected. Four private cars are being inspected and another four - now there are already six - are waiting on the road.

The lower parking lot, the Palestinian one, is empty, but from inside we hear many voices.

who arrives at the gate enters. Since we left early, we did not measure the time between entering and leaving.
We were told that the gate opened this morning at six and there was a lot of pressure. One person told us that yesterday there was a lot of pressure and terrible crowding inside. Somebody was ill and they did not call an ambulance for him. Since we were not there, we do not know how to assess what really happened.