'Anin, Beit Iba, Tue 10.6.08, Afternoon

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Devorkah O., Dalia P., Bruria R. (reporting )
 Translator: Judith G. 


 Beit Iba, 15:00. At the entrance and the exit from the checkpoint there are a number of vehicles waiting:  three lines at the checkpoint, two regular and one humanitarian.  Very crowded. The soldiers and their checkpoint commander (who wouldn't tell us his name) behave terribly and speak rudely to us and to the Palestinians. When we arrived, there were 2 detaineesinfo-icon in the cell.  The commander told us that one of them was rude to a soldier, now he has to check if the youth had been detained for an hour (a way to detain someone even though his ID was fine) until he gets an answer by phone, a kind of punishment without calling it by its name. When we asked the second youth why he was detained, he told us that he had thrown a piece of paper onto the floor.  At the exit from the checkpoint, we met a woman who had just given birth and left the hospital a short time ago, walking heavily.  Her mother held the newborn babyinfo-icon, and they waited for the father who stood in the regular line.  When Devorkah asked the commander to speed up the inspection of the father, he answered "What do I owe them?  Maybe he's a terrorist." So check him, she answered.  He said "If you don't move away from here and don't stop bothering the soldiers I will call the police." From 15:30 on there was a long line at the entrance to Nablus.  The crowding at the checkpoint decreased at about 16:00 and there were fewer waiting.