Beit Iba, Jit, Tue 27.5.08, Morning

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Noga K., Noa P. (reporting)

Translation: Judith Green

Between the checkpoints of Haparot and J'it we observe a lot of military vehicles, jeeps, hammers, and ask ourselves if there is any special operation going on.

The J'it checkpoint is manned by four soldiers, from east to west, and they bring vehicles through without any inspection at all.

8:15 -  Beit Iba

Tomer is the DCO representative.  He tells us why there is such a decrease in people at the checkpoint:  a new checkpoint has opened, which they call "Sabataz", which takes a lot of pressure off the larger checkpoint, Hawarra and Beit Iba.  He says that the soldiers there are new, from the Shimshon brigade.  Good ones, he says, who don't make problems.  ("The second shift is better…")

The dog trainer is here and working.  The checkpoint commander comes over and shows him a xeroxed permit.  Tomer:  That means that he was in jail and needs to be checked on the computer.  What, no photo?  The xeroxed document doesn't show any photo clearly.  After a short inspection, the man is let through.

Tomer is proud to show off the new and improved checkpoint;  the improvements were finished 2 months ago.  Four lanes for checking vehicles, no people shouting, since they enlarged it.  The problems are at least 70% less.  "It is only too bad that this costs us (the state) two million shekels all of this…"  There is line at the entrance, and the checkpoint commander comes over and opens a side lane in order to shorten the waiting time.

Anabta:  no inspections;  vehicles from both directions pass through without even stopping.

A-Ras: No people and no vehicles.