'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 7.7.08, Morning

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Nina S. Roni S. (reporting) Translation: Netta S.

Eliyahu passage -06: 45- a short line of cars, the workers were waiting in the shade for their turn to cross the checkpoint.
Qalqiliya –07:00- No cars in line at the entrance to the city, at the exit only 6 cars were waiting.  When we arrived, the soldiers told us to stand in the side that is closer to the nursery. When we moved, the soldiers on that side told us move back. We refused and remained standing where we always stand, in the middle. A soldier approached and asked politely to write down our names, we didn’t see any reason to object and told him Nina S. and Roni S. He also wanted a proof that we are from MachsomWatch; we didn’t give it to him. The reservists are coming up with new things all the time.
The entrances to Azon were open. In Shvut-Ami there were no people to be seen, on the opposite hill there was a temporary civilian tent encampment, which became permanent in the past few weeks.

Anabta- 08:40- While in Beit-Iba we were told about the long lines and long waiting time in Anabta. When we arrived there was no line at the entrance, at the exit there were constantly 16-20 cars waiting, average waiting time per car was 7-10 minutes. Apparently the line at the exit in the early morning hours is very long. We were again told where to stand by the soldiers, but after a while they calmed down and even served us water. When we arrived we saw a detainee waiting on the side of the road, a hummer was waiting next to him. After 20 minutes I asked the checkpoint commander about the detainee, he claimed that he was being checked and immediately gave me his ID and cell phone that were placed on the banister and let the detainee go. I presume that the inspection ended when I asked the question.
09:15- we left.
Jubara- 09:30- we crossed with no delays. Gate 753- we crossed and got to A-Ras. A few cars crossed, the soldiers seemed bored.
10:00- we left after an ordinary occupation day.