Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sat 5.7.08, Morning

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Lea S., Yael Z. (reports)

Zvi (guest) 

6.45AM- Maitar - Sansana CP 
No workers are waiting outside but still about 30 are being checked. Those who arrived checked immediately.

Route 60 - 7:00AM

Daharia and Samoa – The roads are still blocked

Karameh – The boulders were removed and the road is open, so as the path going up the hill on the west side of the road.

Abde (A village on the hill North of Karameh) – 2 taxis and a truck on the way north were stopped and another car on the way to Beer Sheva were stopped by 2 army vehicles. The taxi driver said they were waiting for an hour. 20 minutes after, the documents were quickly checked and the cars were released. Another car who came from up the hill was luckier – the car was checked and the documents as well within 5 minutes.

Dura- El Fawar – A long line of cars all the way from Dura to the road stopped for checking by soldiers, one of them with a trained dog. The checking is very intensive and slow. On the other side of the road there were no checking but people were coming by foot.

Sheep Crossing – A hammer blocked the road going from Hebron and all the cars from that direction were slowly checked. A soldier played the roll of a policeman – letting either pedestrians or cars pass towards Hebron. The soldiers were polite but persistent when they asked us to stay away.

Suyuch- Sayir – A military vehicle on the school side, watching the people without disturbing them.

Road 60 back south - 9:00AM

The long lines of cars waiting to be checked in Sheep J and Dura were still there, even longer.

The car who had stopped the taxis were not there.


A military car watches the way to Abraham's cave and another one at the Pharmacy CP, which is deserted. Tarpat CP is also deserted, only 2  volunteers from Sweden and GB were waiting for action.

Tel Rumaida – The soldiers didn't ask any questions so we climbed up and had a chat with the soldier at the top. On our way back, a SUFA jeep with Ofer Ohana came to take our pictures. From there to the exit from Kiriat Arba he escorted our car and tried to tease us with his usual vocabulary.

On our way back from Kiriat Arba, we were stopped by the security officer of the town who asked for our IDs'. Offer was there to take photos of the event, he probably was the one to call that officer.