Beit Iba, Tue 1.7.08, Afternoon

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Zahava G., Yael S., Etica D. (reporting) Translation: Judith G.


Beit Iba, 16:25
Quiet.  Very few people in line before the turnstiles.  We saw 2 detaineesinfo-icon in the shed.  When we asked the reason for their detention, the checkpoint commander, Sergeant A., said "Bingo".  They have been there for 2 hours, he says.  Yael called the humanitarian hotline to let them know and to clarify the reason for the detention.

More people arrive, not empty any more.
One of the detainees is released.  We asked him if he knows what caused his detention.  He answered that it happens to him almost every day.  He enters Nablus with no problem but, at the exit, he is detained for 2 hours every time.  He seems wiped out and angry.  Why not?
We questioned the commander, A., whether or not he knows the detainees.  He says yes, he has detained them frequently.  Why?  He says that their ID number matches a number appearing on his list.  Bingo!  Perhaps his recognizing them would have some influence on their being released?  No.  I do what they tell me, I notify the office of the unit, which notifies the office of the platoon, and they notify the office of brigade...and wait about 2 hours until they are released.  He himself has no interest in detaining them, but the numbers match, so Bingo!
Light traffic of vehicles in both directions.

The second detainee is released.  The same story.

We left Beit Iba.  We passed the outpost "Shvut Ami" which looks abandoned but, on the opposite hill, we see a few settlers picnicing.  Maybe they are planning something?