Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 30.6.08, Morning

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Idit S., Ada G. (reporting)

 Road No 60, Nebeh Yunis.

 07.00 AM Checkpoint 300:   Only a few people are waiting. The soldiers say that there was a lot of pressure early in the morning, but everyone has already passed through. The Palestinians say that today is OK.  I had a disagreeable conversation with a policeman whom a soldier alerted because – according to him – I stood in a place where I was forbidden to be. In retaliation, they closed one of the inspection booths, and also closed the passage between the first and last positions. 

07.20 AM Husan: Sparse taxi traffic.


07.30 AM  Al Nashshash: Quiet, with almost no traffic.


08.10 AM  Etzion DCL: Only a few people approach us for help.


09.00 AM  Nebeh Yunis: Only a few people here.


10.3 AM  Etzion DCL: We returned to Etzion DCL. The queue progresses only slowly and the waiting people are embittered;  More than 100 people are waiting and during 2 ½ hours only 25 are allowed to enter.  At a rough estimate, this equals about 5 minutes per person.   And the people outside are waiting and waiting. People turn to us for help, two of them with problems connected with the building contractors they work for. A few of the people are GSS-denied persons, and others with various police-connected problems.


All-in–all, few requests and little ability to help.