Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 21.7.08, Morning

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Nina S., Osnat R. (reporting) Translating: Judith G.
09:40  J'it Junction

A Temporary checkpoint from the direction of Tapuah junction.  about 15 vehicles in line, takes about half an hour per vehicle.

10:00  Beit Iba Not a lot of traffic at this hour and no lines form.  Perhaps it is a good time to exercise the dog. Passengers get out of a van and are asked to stand by the side.  The dog does not enter the vehicle but is asked to sniff it around the outside.  This inspection takes about 10 minutes. Quite a bit of pedestrian traffic, small number of people at the exit.  At the entrance, the line moves relatively quickly, even though IDs and bags are inspected.  Apparently the terrorists know that it is preferable to pass through the other entrances to Nablus, where there are no inspections at all. No detaineesinfo-icon. 

A bus in the line entering Nablus.  A soldier gets onto the bus and stands at the entrance reading all kinds of documents.  After a few minutes, all the young men are requested to get off the bus.  A soldier takes their IDs to the inspection booth of the Military Police.  A second soldier goes through the bus to check it;  there are a lot of children on the bus.