Reihan, Shaked, Sun 3.8.08, Morning

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Yocheved J. and Hanna H. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 - 08:30

Reihan CP - 06:00
Forty workers went through to their jobs in the seamline zone; they report that the passage is quick and the machines are in order.
Four cars on the way to the seamline zone are being inspected and four pickup trucks with goods are being inspected in the closed area.
The rate of passage - 230 people in an hour. All of them are happy. In the terminal only one window is active now.
The park is developing with great momentum - in the upper part they have added pyramids of flowerpots, a slide and a swing.
06:20 - The few people who arrive enter immediatly. The passage now takes about 20 minutes, but those continuing in the taxi that brought them have to wait for a long time.
The inspection in the vehicle CP takes about 25 - 50 minutes today.
06:45 - Most of those going through have already left for their places of work. Six pickup trucks with goods are waiting  for inspection.

Shaked CP -- 07:10
The CP opened at 07:00. Many people are going through at this time. A herd of sheep, some cars and ten people are waiting near the turnstile; the inspection in the pavilion is quick. The waiting and the inspection take eight minutes. One of the workers tells us that he goes through to work in agriculture with his son (24 years old) every day. On Wednesday, his son was detained, but after some clarification, we was let through. On Thursday, when there were different soldiers manning the CP, they detained him again and this time they took away his permits. It is not clear why. He claims that his son is not the only one whose permits were taken from him. We tried to find out about this matter in the DCO, but could not.
Taxis with passengers are arriving from the seamline zone on the way to the West Bank. The passengers get out and are inspected in the pavilion -- ten minutes.

Reihan CP - 07:45
In the lower parking lot, there are seven pickup trucks with produce. Vehicle traffic is very thin in both directions. The bus from Barta'a does not arrive at all. Cars with passengers on their way to the West Bank are inspected by dogs. A. tells us about a driver from Ya'aved who was asked, at the Dothan CP, how many passengers he had, and he gave the wrong answer (perhaps because he did not understand Hebrew); he was punished. They took away his permit.