Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 4.8.08, Morning

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Neta J., Anna N.S. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.

05:03  Reihan (New Barta'a) CP
On our way to the lower parking lot we see people who have already gone through the terminal on their way to Tsameret in the seamline zone.
In the lower parking lot there are practically no people waiting, nor are there many waiting in the queue inside the terminal. People come to the CP on foot from the bridge on the opposite hill, in groups. The seamstresses arrive in taxis and all of them are swallowed up by the terminal immediately.
A group of men pray in the shed before they enter the terminal. A woman's voice from the depths of the hut instructs those going through (in Arabic) to put their bags down on the table. The atmosphere is calm and quiet. In the vehicle CP they are inspecting a number of private cars. Nine pickup trucks loaded with goods are waiting for the opening at 06:00. The duration of their inspection is between two and three hours - depending on the quantity of goods that they have on them. In the east an astounding orange sun is rising to remind us that it is already dawn.

6:03  A'anin CP (agricultural CP)
The CP has just opened - they are making final preparations for the passage. Three soldiers and a security guard are standing with their weapons drawn facing east - "'from whence evil will come."
The passage is quick with no special delays. First the tractors go through with many young people on them. A man who is selling prickly pears and dates stops us and succeeds in convincing us to buy some; the dates are wonderful.
Some people are concerned that members of their families have not yet received permits to go through to their farms. The olive-picking season is approaching. 06:40 Military reinforcements arrive and just now the tempo is slowed down a great deal. A soldier reminds us, impolitely, that this is "a closed military area" and we have to get out.

07:00 Shaked (Tura) CP 
A herd of sheep precedes us and goes through the CP to the seamline zone. People who are not residents of the enclave (the seamline zone) are inspected in the hut - 2-3 minutes per person. A soldier with his weapon drawn and carefully aimed at the West Bank, peeks at us over his shoulder to see that we are not stepping over the forbidden line. A resident of Daher-el-Malek, who looks very respectable, asks to transport four sacks of carobs for fodder to his house. They allow him to take only one. We called the DCO and gave his telephone number to the officer so that the man himself would be given a response.

07:45 Reihan (New Barta'a) CP
The occupation goes on. Six pickup trucks are waiting. People come and enter the terminal immediately. On the fence there is a note about a wallet with money that was found and the telephone number of the honest person who found it. The drivers are bored.

ca. 09:40 Jalameh CP
We've come here in order to pick up a sick Palestinian youth who is accompanying his father to Rambam Hospital for chemotherapy. Two posts are open for entering Israel and one for leaving. Most of those leaving are Israeli Arabs. Six buses for visiting prisoners in prisons in Israel are waiting for their passengers. Many many women, old men, and little children are running around in the CP. There is a lot of noise and excitement in the air. The permit is for visits in the course of half a year - once a month for three quarters of an hour. People are not allowed to give anything to a prisoner. A woman told me that her husband has been in prison for eleven months without a sentence; another one told us about a prisoner who has three sentences of life imprisonment and another fifty years. His wife, a young woman with two little children is on her way to visit him. A young woman was sent back to Jenin because there was some irregularity in her documents. Her mother is very disappointed and claims that the mistake was made in the Bet El DCO.

We left.