'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Sun 27.7.08, Afternoon

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Ruthie W. Z., Alix W.(reporting) Guests: Olga G., Inna

13:47 Qalqiliya

Approaching the checkpoint there are a few vehicles waiting to enter,
the line moves rapidly and in a short time they have all passed. The
soldiers wave everyone through, except the Israeli license plates
which, like usual, IDs and the vehicle permit are checked to enter.
From the Qalqiliya side there is no queue and the ones arriving wiz

A young man with horse and wagon goes right through without waiting
to be summoned by the soldier, when the soldier asks him why he
didn't wait to be called like the other vehicles, he replies that he
is not a vehicle, but a horse and passes.

A man with a blue ID and plates tries to enter, but is not allowed to
enter with the vehicle because it is registered under his son's
name. He says that he always enters, but not today, he parks his car
and enters by foot.

On the road just after Al Funduq we see from a distance several army
jeeps, hummers and soldiers on the road, there is a
sign `checkpoint', we are pulled over as the vehicle before us was.
The soldier asks where we are going, takes a look in the car, and
then says we can go.

Shuvat Ami outpost

Near Qedumim, there is an army vehicle parked under a tree near the
house, other than that the house surroundings looks empty, but on
the opposite hill there are even more young settlers camped out under
a make-do awning between the trees.

14:50 Jit Junction

On Route 60 there are several soldiers at the concrete post, a hummer
is at the side.

16:50 Anabta

\There is a long queue of vehicles coming from Tulkarm, can't see the
end, few on the other side. The soldier waves the vehicles through,
and within a short time the queue is only a few. There are random ID
checks, sometimes of the vehicle or trunk entering Tulkarm.

17:25 Jubara

Gate leading up to the village is speedily opened for us.

Gate 753

The soldiers question us as to what we do and why we come,
and "aren't you afraid?"
Then wave us through

17:30 A-Ras

There is a steady flow of vehicles from both directions, randomly
being checked. Several buses pass with women and children singing
and clapping cheerfully, they must have been on their way to a
wedding or some event.