'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Eyal, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 10.8.08, Morning

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Sara B., Naomi K. (reporting); Translation: Galia S.




In all the checkpoints the passage is streaming. Sometimes there are short delays because of particular local events.

Eyal Passage

07:00 – Sundays' usual picture: The parking lot in front is full of vehicles and people and the whole place is messy. At the back of the terminal, where people are waiting to pass, there is a long line of workers (some of them will probably not make it to get to work).

Irtah Passage

07:25 – Most of the workers have passed, but the parking lot is still congested. It looks tidier and better ordered (Eyal Passage cannot compare with it). People are still waiting at the back passage. They are probably on their way to visit prisoners.

 Ar Ras

07:50 – At the entrance to Jubara from the direction of Ar Ras, the passage is congested: a donkey with a loaded cart, a car full of passengers and some 15 pedestrians. As it turns out, the soldiers are helpless dealing with a confused, deaf old man (probably known here) who insists on passing although he has no permit. We don't stay until the problem with the old man is solved but the congestion has cleared.

Ar Ras checkpoint is free.


08:45 – No line. Relatively thin traffic. Answering our question, the taxi drivers confirm that opening road 60 has eased the movement of traffic.