Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 13.8.08, Morning

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D., O., R., (reporting), Y, (driver)

Nebi Yunis

6:40 AM, Bethlehem: The street outside the CP is loaded with cars waiting for the workers.  Four checking stations are open.  Three to five people waiting in each line.  We hear the noise of peole waiting from within.  People say it is full at the entrance to the CP.  Nothing has changed for weeks.  Peole pass through this end in seconds, but wait two hours and more to get to this point.


7:20 AM, Al Nashshash: We meet a man who gives us money to give to the lawyer T.


7:45 AM, Nebi Yunis: The young man at the coffee kiosk tells us about the green grocer across the road from him, who received an order to take down his makeshift store.  He is directed to someone who specializes in that problem.


8:30 AM, Etzion DCL:  Again the waiting room is full, people standing.  At 9:15 AM they say 15 people have been called in.  A 50 year old man tells us that he was stopped by the police while he was driving his wife's car.  She has an Israeli ID.  He does not.  He was in court, paid the fine, and understood that he could now return to driving his own car into Israel.  However, he was stopped and told he could not drive into Israel for 2 years.  He wants to know what the problem is.  H. will determine if there are conditons to his sentence that he is not aware of.