'Anabta, Ar-Ram, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 23.7.08, Morning

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Inbal R., Reena TS. (reporting)

  Qalqilia (Eliyahu) Passage

06:50 – Approx. 30 workers, who are employed in the seam line area, most of them in Alfei Menashe, wait for their checking. We did not stop. On our way back we entered a gardening nursery in the seam line. A worker, who lives in Qalqilia, told us that he had been waiting this morning for two hours for inspection. A few days ago he waited from seven o’clock till 09:30. It is important to stop there from time to time and monitor the passage of the workers.

 Qalqilia CP

06:50 – 07:00 – Only a few vehicles on both sides. The passage is quick. We met an Israeli woman who takes Palestinian patients with permits to Israeli hospitals for treatment. She waited for her patient and told us that sometimes she waits for half an hour at Eliyahu Passage.


The road 55 is open from both entrances to the village.



Nadim tells that Israelis who came yesterday to fix their cars at the garages in Funduk were fined. A special unit exists for this purpose and is financed by the 1000 Sh fine that it imposes on trespassers. This imposes a further obstruction on the livelihood of the inhabitants.


10:20 – The passage of vehicles is quick.


10:35 – The commander of the CP, a lieutenant, opens for us the gate after a short wait. He confirms that the passage for Israelis to buy fruit and vegetables for personal consumption is free, except meat and eggs.

 The Agricultural Gate 753 (The Children’s Gate)

10:35 – 10:50 – A vehicle carrying sacks of fodder for the donkeys to the solitary house near the fence system is delayed for a period of time by the soldiers, till they receive the allowance to let it through.

A young man with an agricultural permit returns from work. The soldiers look for his name in the notebook where they write down each person who enters Jubara but does not live there. He knows that if they do not erase his name from the list, he might lose his permit. So, although the soldiers promise him that they will not make problems for him, he insists that they keep searching. At last they found his name on the list.


Ar-Ram CP

10:50 – No traffic on both sides.