Tarqumiya, Thu 7.8.08, Morning

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Hava T., Tamar B. (reporting)

We arrived at the checkpoint before 5:45 A.M.  Many workers were sitting around the parking lot on the Israeli side of the checkpoint.


As a first step, we checked how long it took for a worker to pass through the checkpoint, and were pleased to see all four inspection posts operating. As a result, the transition took only10-15 minutes. But why (according to some workers) are there days when only two posts are operational?


Despite this, the "traffic jam" hasn't disappeared. It has moved to the vehicle examinations. This is accomplished in a separate section and we went to see what was happening there.


Each time, some 21 vehicles were examined by a team of 3-4 inspectors and a trained dog. (Hava notes that this is an improvement. Previously only 13 vehicles were inspected at a time). When we watched, the entire process took about twenty minutes. The drivers of the vehicles who were waiting complained that it went so quickly only because we were there observing. They said it usually takes much longer and they feel that sometimes they are delayed for no reason and there are “strange” security demands.


Let’s hope that the quick efficient inspections we witnessed continue.