'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 27.8.08, Morning

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Inbal K., Rina Z. (reporting) Translation: M. Vardi

  Summary: Slow checking of the workers at the Eliyah's  Passage.                  Problems with a citizen of Jubara who tries to market zaatar, which he                                                                grows in his fields, through the two checkpoints of the village.

 Qalqiliya Eliyah's Passage  6:55

As usual in the morning, over a hundred workers are waiting at the fence to be checked in order to work in the settlement Alfei Menashe, which is west to the separation barrier. They say that the checking started very late in the morning , only at 5:30 instead of 5:00. Out of  250, only 109 were checked,  till then, (there is a name list arranged according to the order of arrival to the line). At this rate the last workers will leave the passage after 8:30, which means that a part of them will lose their days work  
In order to accelerate the procedure, all what is necessary, is a computer and anotherMilitary Policeman. 

Qalqiliya Checkpoint 

No lines on either side. We did not stop there.  Azzun and Eizbet Tabib – entrances to route 55 are open. 

Anata (Einav) Checkpoint - 9.10-9,25  (on the way back from Beit Iba

No lines on neither side. Fast passage.Delivered bags with clothing and household utensils to the representative of "Shabbik" in Tulkarm. 

Shaar Chaklai 753 (Children Gate) 9:40  

When we passed through the gate, we saw a small lorry driving through, full of sacks of zaatar. When we returned we saw the lorry, again, standing beside the field of zaatar. Beside the lorry, a military vehicle.  What turned out was that  the military did not permit the passage of the lorry because they maintained that  they need a special permit from the Liaison & Coordination Administration.  

 The owner of the field told us that each time he wants to market his goods, problems crop up at both checkpoints that he has to travel through in order to get to the Palestinian Area (the village is located between  the separation barrier and the Green Line. We phoned the  IDF Humanitarian Centre, and they said that they indeed, need  a permit. We called the DCO , and they promised to give instructions to let them pass without the permit.  

Ten minutes later he called us that they can not let him through. We called again. He got through. We gave him the phone number of the DCO. After all, tomorrow, or the day after, he will have to pass the checkpoints again.