Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 13.8.08, Morning

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Dalia W., Nurit W.-L. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

07:10 Za'tara-Tapuah Junction

A long line of waiting cars, although there are three lanes open. On the spot there is a reserve unit + a girl dog trainer. The progress is relatively quick. It is not clear why there still is such a traffic-jam.

On the spot there were also two officers who had arrived in a jeep, one of them is the company commander, also a reservist. He seems surprised at our presence. No, he never heard about us. His deputy on the other hand has. We made them pass a fast information course.

Beita - A rolling checkpoint - a hammer. A number of Palestinian vehicles were seen detained at the entrance. From this moment on we began a series of phone calls about this blockade, until we reached Z., the officer in charge of the passages. When we returned the entrance was unblocked. There was only a jeep (Border Police?) parked in the parking lot, in front of the entrance, in a position of observation and supervision. All the same we reported to the afternoon shift, to make them pay attention.

07:45 Beit Furik
When we arrived the parking lot was empty. The pedestrians' CP was sparsely peopled, as is usual at this hour in summer. After 08:00 the traffic does of course increase.
08:15 Huwwara
A quite big number of pedestrians at the CP
. There are two checking stations open as well as the humanitarian queue. There were few vehicles which passed in both directions.
08:50 The CP is almost empty. Only one interior checking post remained active. A car transporting a sick person was allowed to pass in the end following a telephone authorization, although the car did not have a clear authorization. Until we left there was no change in the situation and no exceptional events.

10:05 Beita - the entrance is open.

10:10 Tapuah-Za'tara junction -  There is no outstanding delay.